[30–31 March & 2 April 2023], Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology’s students won the medal at the “MRC River Monitoring Technology Competition” Vientiane, Lao PDR with a cash prize of 5000USD under the “Water Level Category”.

Fourteen teams from the region’s 11 universities are joining the competition, and challenging themselves to develop telemetry sensor technology that measures under 4 categories: Water Level, Rainfall, Soil Moisture, and Water Quality. CADT’s students compete against 3 other universities from Lao, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Mekong River’s enduring role as a source of life and livelihood is facing multiple threats, the competition seeks a practical, cost-efficient, and sustainable technology produced by Mekong youth. The purpose is to encourage the younger generation to step up and share responsibility for safeguarding a river that’s the lifeblood for millions of fishing and farming families.

The winning team gains an opportunity to present its innovation at the 4th MRC Submit and its international conference for high-level exposure among the world’s experts in water resource management.

CADT is proud and sincerely congratulate our outstanding students who showcase their excellent idea and shine on the international stage. As part of our mission, we will continue to nurture and support tech talents to further develop their digital skills essential for the development of a digital society.