The Cambodia Digital Awards 2023 (CDA23) is one of the most significant national awards in the Kingdom of Cambodia to support digital innovation entrepreneurship in response to global trends in the development of digital technology and accelerate the digital revolution and innovation. This is the ninth year of the national digital innovation award program organized by the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) with the support of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, sponsored by Capacity Building Research and Development Fund (CBRD Fund) and co-sponsored by Smart Axiata and Huawei Technologies.

The Cambodia Digital Award opens up a wide range of opportunities for public institutions, enterprises, digital startups, universities, research institutes, and NGOs to apply from now until October 31, 2023.

The program aims to promote the digital transformation of the environment and contribute to the use of digital technology and innovation in Cambodia by awarding institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs:

  • Recognition: We provide national recognition for the outstanding achievements, innovations, and successes in the field of digital innovation within the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Motivation: Through CDA23, we seek to inspire and encourage public institutions, new businesses, organizations, and related entities to harness the power of technology and digital innovation.
  • Promotion: We endeavor to raise awareness of digital technology among the public, highlighting its potential to transform our lives and our society.
  • Opportunity: CDA23 offers a platform to highlight your digital innovation achievements, presenting investment opportunities and representing Cambodia on regional and global stages in the realm of digital awards.

The Cambodia Digital Awards will grant a total prize pool of 72,000,000KHR to the distinguished annual winners across five categories: 

  • Best Digital Innovation Organization of the Year: Recognizing companies or organizations that utilize digital technology to enhance business efficiency and provide innovative products and services. 
  • Best Social Innovation Technology of the Year: Honoring companies and institutions that leverage digital technology to benefit society and contribute to the economic growth of social enterprises. 
  • Best Digital Content of the Year: Celebrating private companies and NGOs that create and employ digital technology to produce content that enriches knowledge, entertainment, and addresses societal challenges. 
  • Best Digital R&D of the Year: Acknowledging companies and institutions specializing in research and development within the digital technology field, bringing forth novel formulas, methodologies, and regulations. 
  • Best Minister Startup of the Year: Recognizing new digital businesses, operating for no more than 3 years, which exhibit innovation and creative application of digital technology. 

To be eligible for participation, entities must adhere to the following conditions: 

  • Be public institutions, enterprises, companies, or organizations that are registered and hold a valid license in accordance with Cambodian law. 
  • The entity’s owner must either be a Cambodian citizen or possess permanent residency within the Kingdom of Cambodia. 
  • Products must be patented by the respective entity and developed using at least 51% of resources within Cambodia. 
  • Digital startups must not exceed 3 years in age from the date of official business registration. 
  • Bankrupt companies are ineligible to participate. 

Public institutions, enterprises, companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, or digital startups who meet the above criteria and wish to participate in the CDA23 program can apply through the link: 

For more information, please contact 012-316-781 or email: 

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