Digital Future Talks – The future of Education

Dear education enthusiasts,  

Education is one of the most important investments in our future that we can undertake. Lifelong learning, new technologies, Artificial Intelligence – these buzzwords are all around and affect the world of education just as much as the world of work and our everyday lives. 

With the rapid advancement of digitalization in all areas, education can and should not fall behind when it comes to utilizing these tools for the advancement in classrooms, the workplace and all areas of life. On the contrary, for young people to be able to make use of all the possibilities that digitalization brings, they need to be exposed to them at an early stage. This does not only involve access to equipment and facilities which can be a challenge itself, but also refers to the understanding of how to use these tools responsibly, understanding their benefits, chances and limits. 

This year´s edition of Digital Insights was compiled to analyze all these topics and shed light on the state of digitalization in the educational system in Cambodia and the region.  

Please join us for the launching event of our book and and discuss with our experts on the podium and the authors of this volume about the Future of Education. 

The event is free of charge. You can register here