Phnom Penh, 28-29 June 2024 – Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), with the support of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, has officially hosted the opening ceremony of the “CODE-C: Developer Conference 2024” which is presided over by H.E. Khov Makara, Secretary of State, a high representative of H.E. Chea Vandeth, Minister of Post and Telecommunications, at Innovation Center, attended by software developers, digital technology experts from ministries, the private sectors, development partners, founders of new digital businesses, digital service providers and about 2,500 digital technology students.

CODE-C 2024 is the third edition of the biggest developer conference in Cambodia, featuring (1). Four keynote speeches (2). Three Panel Discussions (3). 38 Workshop Topics (4). 2 Roundtable Discussions and bringing together tech enthusiasts, tech industry leaders, as well as students studying digital technology to explore the latest trends and advancements in the digital technology landscape locally and regionally.

H.E. Khov Makara, Secretary of State of Posts and Telecommunications, emphasized that “CODE-C stands as the flagship program symbolizing the rapid digital development in Cambodia. This premier developer conference, organized under the initiative of the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), exemplifies an unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and fostering innovation in our digital realm. It serves as a catalyst where passionate tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators converge to ignite connections and propel digital transformation and progress.”

Joining by 60+ speakers CODE-C 2024 gives presentations on key topics such as Software Development, Web 3.0, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Cybersecurity, Video Game Development, Innovative Design, and exhibition of digital businesses and startups about 50 booths.

“We understand that platforms like CODE-C are pivotal in shaping future leaders and fostering innovations that advance the digital society of tomorrow. This is precisely why Smart, as the leading telco in Cambodia, is committed to supporting this tech event, cultivating growth and innovation within our digital landscape. With continued support from both the public and private sector, I strongly believe that we can advance the Cambodia’s human resource to be key players on the international stage, and bring forth economic prosperity driven by innovation,” said Muhammad Adeel Israr, Chief Technical and Information Technology Officer of Smart Axiata.

Furthermore, he also concluded in his remark that “Together, let us harness the power of technology and innovation to set the stage for Cambodia’s prominence on the international technological map, ultimately propelling our nation towards status as a high-income country by 2050.”

The conference focuses on 6 topics:

  • AI & Data Science: Explore the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-driven insights.
  • Web 3.0: Dive into the decentralized web, blockchain, and the future of online interactions.
  • Software Engineering: Learn from experts about best practices, coding paradigms, and software architecture.
  • Cloud Computing: Discover how cloud services revolutionize scalability, security, and collaboration.
  • Game Development: Level up your knowledge in game design, graphics, and interactive storytelling.
  • Digital Health: Understand the intersection of technology and healthcare for a healthier future.

CODE-C is sponsored by the CBRD Fund and Smart Axiata, and co-sponsored by Huawei and ABA Bank.

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