The 90 co-founders of the new digital business are all digital start-ups operating to supply digital products and services in FinTech, e-Commerce and Delivery, Education (EdTech), Health Technology (HealthTech), Travel Technology (TravelTech), Agricultural Technology (AgriTech), Digital Content (Digital Media), Automation & Robotics, and many other services participated in meeting on Support for Digital Startup and Discussion Program with Digital Startup Community in Cambodia, chaired by H.E Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, organized by the Cambodian Digital Technology Academy of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on July 26, 2021.

There are three main objectives in this discussion:

  1. To strengthen the close relationship and partnership between the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, which is the representative of the Royal Government in the field of digital technology, and the digital startup community in Cambodia.
  2. To promote the Royal Government of Digital Innovation Support Program and the Digital Innovation Center of the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology.
  3. To discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital startups during the Covid-19 epidemic and the post-Covid-19 crisis.

H.E Chea Vandeth said: “Building a new ecosystem, entrepreneurship and business is considered a top priority in promoting digital business, which is a key player in advocate rapid digital revolution, supporting the building of the digital economy and society will contribute to the recovery and development of the economy after the Covid-19 crisis, in addition to other important efforts of the Royal Government.”

He added: “One of the main problems in the development of the government, the economy, and the digital society is the issue in human resources. That is why the Royal Government has turned the NIPTICT National Institute into Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology for the purpose of developing human resources, digital skills, research resources, digital technologies, and policies, as well as promoting digital innovations and startup.”

It should also be noted that in the spirit of facilitating digital startups, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has established the Digital Innovation Center under Cambodia Academy of the Digital Technology in contributing to building ecosystems, entrepreneurship, and supporting digital startups to promote national innovation.

The Center will play an essential role in implementing the Digital Startup Support and Incentive Program in accordance with the Sub-Decree on the Management of Digital New Incentives, which has just been approved by the Royal Government under the initiative of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

The new sub-decree published on this occasion is a specific policy measure of the Royal Government to promote digital startups by allowing digital startups in Cambodia to receive incentives, training, and technical support as a mechanism of promoting system development. The Digital Startup Ecosystem aims to address key challenges that hinder the creation and expansion of digital startups.