Phnom Penh, Cambodia,Jun 21, 2022 – Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology and PPCBank have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate internships, scholarships and loan partnerships for CADT students with PPCBank, in addition to a US$5,000 donation to assist CADT in supplying students with school supplies and meeting some of the school’s other needs. The MoU will also see PPCBank and CADT cooperating on the organization of school events, career exhibitions and knowledge sharing sessions.


The partnership emphasis on the development of training and internship program​ to provide student in professional development and employment opportunities with PPCBank and also have another cooperating on the organization of school events, career exhibitions and knowledge sharing sessions to provide student giants with more knowledge while also growing their skills.

Both CADT and PPCBank share the same vision and goal to enhance young Cambodian’s capability in ICT and digital technology by focusing on building a supporting program consisting of internship, training, and financial support.

The MoU enables and contributes to developing and accelerating the use of digital technology in the nation’s digital economy development and integration into the international market.
Vice President of CADT, H.E. Hean Sambeoun, expressed his hopes that the MoU could offer a model for how the education and private sectors could cooperate more closely for the benefit of young Cambodians.

“CADT is pleased to partner with PPCBank, with which it shares common aspirations with regards to education and human resource development. This MoU will showcase how employers and institutions can work together to improve the capacity and employment prospects of students,” he said.

Moreover, Senior Director of PPCBank, Mr. Lee Jinkyu, expressed his pleasure to see the MoU being signed, saying, “We are happy to cooperate with CADT on various types of partnership, along with the donation that will benefit the students and the greater community. Through our partnership, the students will not only receive the tools and opportunity to pursue higher education but they will receive professional development and employment opportunities with PPCBank too.”

The MoU covers four partnership types, the first being the “Internship Partnership Agreement”. This will see 15 qualified IT/Digital CADT students being onboarded at PPCBank each year. The internships will be paid, as the students gain insights and real-life experience of the workplace. On completion of their internships, the successful candidates will be encouraged to join the PPCBank team full-time.

A unique aspect of the MoU is its emphasis on opportunities for women, created by the second partnership element. An exclusive “Women in Tech Scholarship” will see five female candidates being onboarded at PPCBank after graduation. The scholarship will be provided for a full academic year and is designed to create as many opportunities for women at PPCBank, in line with its commitment to gender equity and women empowerment.

The third and fourth partnership agreements focus on CADT students, with a special “Student Loan Partnership” having been signed, which will offer low interest rate loans to students who find themselves unable to pay their school fees. Loans will cover costs for the duration of the academic year.

A “Student Scholarship” is now also on offer under the MoU for CADT students. PPCBank will provide a four year scholarship for at least 15 students. It is hoped that these IT/Digital students will then consider careers at PPCBank after graduation.

On behalf of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, which is also in charge of the development of telecommunications and digital technology, H.E. Khov Makara is very pleased and supportive of this MoU. H.E. also encourages young people to consider studying IT/ Digital Technology as well as other skills related to the industry. This way, they will be able to strengthen their capacity and find a job that has a high income.

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