Phnom Penh, November 08, 2021 – The National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications, Information, and Communication Technology (NIPTICT), the first public higher education institution in Cambodia, specialized in research and training in the field of communication technology and information technology announces its rebranding and expansion to the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT).

Along with the new and ambitious vision & mission, the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology has split into three subordinate institutes, namely below:

  1. Institute of Digital Technology
  2. Institute of Digital Governance
  3. Institute of Digital Research and Innovation.

Along with the rebranding, the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) has the vision to become a flagship public education and research institution for digital technology and innovation, with the goal of supporting digital talent and innovators driving Cambodia toward a digital society.

As the government observes a growing demand for human resources in the field of digital technology and innovation, the main purpose of this rebranding and extension is to establish a specialized institution that provides education and training with professionalism and a strong focus on relevant skills.

The Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) not only aims to provide education and training but also to promote and support the R&D field. These resources are to nurture students as well as to improve the quality of civil servants, professionals, and innovators for contributing to the development of digital government, economy, and society.

The rebranding will usher in a new era of education, research and innovation, accelerating the advancement of information and communication technology in Cambodia.

H.E. Dr. Seng Sopheap, President of the Digital Academy of Cambodia, states: “With this change, we will further integrate leading information technology in teaching, learning, research, and school management. We will also deepen and broaden our collaboration with international universities and Research Institutions in joint research, strengthening our curriculum, enhancing industry research to ensure that our curriculum design is responsive to the job market, and allowing us to build partnerships for R&D, innovation, and community service.”

The Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) would like to officially announce this new branding for the public, partners, stakeholders both public and private institutions, and students. We sincerely hope that we will play a leading role in driving digital innovation in Cambodia.

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