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Institute of Digital Governance (IDG), a public research institution under the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), is a driving force for the development of digital governance in Cambodia through training of digital skills for civil servants and advancing the digital transformation in government agencies.

Center for Digital Governance and Technology Promotion (GovTech), a public policy research and technology consultancy under IDG, provides tech consulting and drives the adoption of digital technology to support digital governance and government, thus contributing to the improvement of life quality of the Cambodian people. GovTech also assists government and public institutions with advice on interoperability principles and solutions, digital identity, digital document management system, digitization of databases, and develops digital solutions for various platforms.

IDG is looking for a full-time staff to fill the role of Technology Coordinator with the following responsibilitie


Main Responsibilities: 

  • Promote and disseminate the use of technology through research, coordination of events and conferences, correspond with colleagues, clients and suppliers, and assess new technologies
  • Analyse and design core system/software architecture
  • Initiate and lead technology transfer projects and outreach programs
  • Counsel and train public and private institutions for adoption of new technologies and innovations by assisting with planning for the instructional use of technology, assist committees in setting goals related to the use of technology
  • Conduct technological research and program evaluations by strategies, practices and user needs
  • Provide analysis and content preparation for government-to-government 
  • Manage R&D intellectual properties and cooperative agreements
  • Recommend development plans and/or enhancement of existing/new systems
  • Support governmental institutions on digital innovations projects, researching, designing, implementing, managing software programs and smartphone apps

Other Responsibilities: 

  • Mobilize research and academic resources or outsource on required projects
  • Promoting awareness of technology transfer and innovation in IDG
  • Joint system/software development with a team


  • Master’s degree in computer science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, or other relevant disciplines, Ph.D. in related field is preferred
  • Experienced in a management consulting or industry role with digital and/or innovation exposure
  • Proficient in product/project management/leadership, especially systems development in private sector, SMEs, innovative finance, and/or other relevant areas
  • Knowledge of the latest trends with technology innovations (e.g., web & mobile apps, blockchain, AI) 
  • Experienced with business analysis or business process automation, especially those in digital
  • Experienced with intellectual property strategy and licensing negotiation would be an asset
  • Have understanding of Security, Design Patterns and System Architecture Design, especially for Microservices
  • Proficient in English language skills at least intermediate level of English
  • Strong customer relationship skills, consensus building skills, and the ability to cultivate and maintain professional business partnerships


  • Oversee technology consulting and development activities
  • Develop at least 1 digital technology solution that is suitable for the public sector
  • Coordinate at least 2 digital technology solution projects and successful obtain 1 digital solution proposal bidding or award
  • Oversea and hosting regular workshops, training, and conferences to promote digital technology adoption under CADT at least once every three months and participate as a speaker in national and international settings
  • Produce period progress reports and reports of the projects under assignment

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