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Institute of Digital Research and Innovation (IDRI) is a public research institution under the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) in charge of research and development in digital technology and digital innovation and entrepreneurship promotion. Digital Research and Development Center (DRDC) is a department under IDRI that plays an important role in research and development of Digital Technology for CADT to address the national demand by promoting efficient, sustainable and effective initiatives through synergic development of industrial and academic resources. 


Digital Research and Development Center is looking for a brilliant and flexible candidate to fulfill a position of NLP Research Assistance. He/She will work closely with a supervised researcher and related R&D team to assist in research and development works in required research thematic. 


Research Responsibilities: 

  • Identify, collect and preprocess data/corpus for research purposes. 
  • Assist researcher in conducting research/study on required topics. 
  • Assist researchers in conducting modeling and experiments. 
  • Assist in developing tools/systems/prototypes for research purposes. 
  • Join writing research papers/scientific with a supervised researcher. 
  • Perform other tasks assigned by a supervised researcher. 

Academic Responsibilities: 

  • Supervise student interns. 

Other Responsibilities: 

  • Assist research training/workshops/conferences of DRDC. 
  • Assist a supervised researcher in studying tools or technologies. 
  • Supervise research interns on required research projects. 


  • At least Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Linguistics or related discipline. 
  • English level at least intermediate level or equivalent to IELTS 5.0. 
  • Strong interest in one of the NLP research fields. Having experience in any NLP research field is a plus. 
  • Having experience in Machine (Deep) Learning or any other field of AI is a plus. 
  • Good communication skills. 

DELIVERABLES (per year): 

  • Join at least 2 R&D projects. 
  • Join writing at least 1 research or scientific paper. 
  • Supervise at least 1 research intern or 2 student interns. 
  • Produce 4 trimester reports on research and development works. 

To apply for this job email your details to