The rise of technology innovation in this fast-growth era brought in the demand for young digital talents inspiring to build their dream project. With the world moving faster to have everything go digital, especially during the epidemic has alert us that we need more makers than ever.

Young students who used to be taught in school to inspire themselves to become office workers, lawyers, or doctors now have been inspired to became whoever they want to be. The struggle from the pandemic has overturned everything to be more online, and students need to adapt themselves to distance learning.

But it is an advantage for young students to be exposed sooner to computing and digital skills. Society needs more creators who seen the problem as an opportunity to build a product/service that can serve as a solution.

DIGICODE is a program that aims to provide resources and nurture young talents who have the idea to build their innovative projects. This 4 months program allows students to access equipment tools in the Makerspace, receiving training & guidance, finish their project, and present it for their final pitch.

Moreover, we want to assist any potential team who have the ambition to take on challenges and participate in international competition. We currently host 10 prospective teams, and they have dynamic teamwork and are goal-driven, receive guidance to create their best project.

We hope to see an emerging young start-up that grows to become a solution-maker that can solve the pressing issues in our current society. The final pitch will be happening in December. Stay-tuned!