Evidence-based and action-oriented research has not always been enough to provide reliable data, key insights, and problem-solution recommendations for policymakers and industry leaders to make a strong and convincing case for digital adoption and transformation in Cambodia.

This research publication will contribute to narrowing this gap and serve as the catalyst to develop the digital economy and society.

This publication will include the following features:

  • One page summary in Khmer and to be compiled as a Khmer policy brief
  • Interactive PDF with an integrated feedback form
  • Voiceover-over summary


  • Digital connectivity
  • Enterprise digital transformation
  • Digital startup development
  • Digital business
  • Inclusive digital development
  • Digital talents
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Data-driven governance,
  • Digital government services, 
  • Emerging technology adoption
  • Financial technology (FinTech)


Contributors should submit their abstract proposals by May 20th, 2022. The abstract proposal should be sent via email attachment as a word processing file (.docx, .doc) to the editor team for consideration at publication@cadt.edu.kh

Contributors who are invited to “revise and resubmit” a manuscript will be invited to attend a workshop.
 Please note that participation in the workshop does not guarantee acceptance of the paper in the publication.

All papers must adhere to the “Writing Guidelines” of CADT.


  • Call for papers on April 21st, 2022
  • Selected authors notification May 27th, 2022
  • Onboarding for selected authors June 3rd, 2022
  • First draft submission and workshop July 30th, 2022
  • Revision submission August 15th, 2022
  • Final paper acceptance September 15th, 2022


The abstract proposal shall use Time New Roman font; Size 12 pts; Line spacing 1.5 and consist of 300-500 words maximum (1 A4 page) which should contain the following:

  1. Title of Research Paper
  2. Name of author, workplace, and email address
  3. The abstract proposal should include:
    • Background
    • Problem statement
    • Purpose statement
    • Proposed methodology

Informal inquiries relating to the publication issues, proposed topics, and potential fit with the publication’s objectives are welcomed. Please direct any questions to publication@cadt.edu.kh